CODIP has established as a manufacturer of tubular diaphragm pumps for almost thirty years ; in fact our company was founded in 1974 on the initiative of an Italian engineer that, after highly skilled experiences in France, U.S.A. and Brazil with equipment supplies for chemical industries , came back to Italy for working out a plan of an innovative type of pump engineered on the basis of his own graduation thesis.

The CODIP pump was developed with in mind a totally new concept to produce a machine in which the compressed air driving was combined with a transmission fluid for operating the tubular diaphragm and with the pure virgin P.T.F.E. for all the wetted parts.

Thatís how the production began and the CODIP pump was immediately successful on the market for heavy duties, extremely long life cycle and minimum maintenance and a very high safety level for handling corrosive, ultra clean, inflammable and explosive liquids.

CODIP pumps are marketed in most important European countries and in U.S.A. through a network of distributors, dealers and resellers.

The contraction of the chemical industry and the union process among the majors of the multinational chemical and pharmaceutical groups have actually caused a methodical reduction of the manufacturing plants in Europe in favour of countries where the prime costs are more profitable. This situation has made the search of new markets necessary for CODIP that has carried out some commercial choices in order to enlarge the range of applications for its own products, by setting out for a larger prospective customers rather than limit itself to the traditional niche of market in which the CODIP ís activity was concentrated.

Due to this new sales strategy , today the CODIP are used in some of the largest publishing complexes for pumping the printing inks to the rotary newspaper presses, in the automotive industry to handle resins and paints, for the waste treatment in the manufacturing of accumulators, in the production of non-stick surface cookware or in the textile industry for feeding the spreading machines.

The manufacturing is carried out in our factory in Turate, while planning, trading and accounting activities fall under the competence of the staff in the head office in Busto Arsizio (it is about fifteen kilom. from Turate) at which you shall address your inquiries and whatever you need.

CODIP has a Quality System accredited ISO 9002 for both sites.