All models of the CODIP pumps can be fitted or retrofitted with our 3-15 psi remote control unit. The CODIP remote control unit is designed to adjust the stoke frequency and therewith the pump capacity.

The system operates with a 3-15 psi controller (pneumatic actuator) coupled to the standard air distributor.

The pneumatic actuator operates with 3-15 psi pressure modulation by means of a (tapered) conical pivot acting on the stroke frequency regulator inside the external air distributor.

The actual angle of actuators connection pivot determines the maximum value of frequency strokes; the standard range of modulation is 0-120 cycles/min for RP 20 and RP 60 Simplex models or 0-100 cycles/min for RP 150 Simplex and all duplex models.

The CODIP remote control unit can be connected to any type of electro-pneumatic transducer to convert an electrical signal (4-20 mA or other options) into a 3-15 psi pneumatic signal.