PUMPS "SD" RANGE: suitable for processes containing solids that require all P.T.F.E. wetted parts. The P.T.F.E. tubular diaphragm type “SD”, is specifically designed to handle solids containing liquids, and operates without spacers to allow maximum passage of suspended solids or crystals (max. concentration 50%) up to diameters of 7 mm (see the below table); abrasion and/or corrosion resistant check valves are, the glass filled P.T.F.E. seats and balls (other standard options for balls available are: ceramic or stainless steel AISI 316).

PUMPS "SH-DSL" RANGE: with P.T.F.E. "shuttle" check valves in order to achieve maximised suction lifts and to ensure an optimum sealing of the valves. The P.T.F.E. "shuttles", (different in shape for the discharge valve and suction), are specifically designed to give:
1) Minimised lifting height to reduce the priming time, also effecting the efficiency of the pump
2) Optimised sealing on the seats to maintain the priming.
3) Hydrodynamically optimised shape to minimise friction losses.
The "SH-DSL" Series allow dry suction lift between 3,5 m (RP 20) and 6 m (RP 60 Dx), ensuring optimal efficiency of the pump due to the perfect sealing of the check valves in and minimised wear of P.T.F.E. seats and balls.

PUMPS "HC" RANGE: with integrated stainless steel AISI 316 heat exchanger coil to heat the pump, eliminating the need of expensive electrical tracing especially for explosion hazardous areas. Certain applications require the handled liquid to be kept within a certain range of temperature. This pump range is suitable for this duty without any form of electric tracing or other surface heating systems. In fact the SS coil is positioned inside to the pump body, fully immersed into the inert liquid concentric to the tubular diaphragm to heat the pumping liquid The external connection is through two threaded 1/2” ports in the side of the pump body for steam diathermic oil or water if you like. The air distributor is supplied with an SS AISI 316 spacer positioning it outside any form of insulation you may want to install around the pump. And also preventing its overheating and create room for an external insulation jacket. Of course this pump range pumps can also be used to cool the handled fluid in order to come to a constant process liquid temperature.