The CODIP leak detection system is designed to constantly monitor the inert barrier liquid inside the CODIP pump. This may be necessary for safety or economical reasons. All CODIP pumps have a double containment shell that prevents any liquid pumped to come into the environment in case of a failure of the tubular diaphragm. Still you may want to know the presence of possibly high corrosive material in the inert barrier liquid, as the double safety barrier is no longer present in this case. For the same reason a failure of the air diaphragm has to be monitored. Another reason for monitoring the inert barrier liquid is that you can not accept a contamination of your process liquid by this inert barrier liquid. The CODIP leak detection system is extremely accurate and detects the slightest contamination of the inert barrier liquid and responds with an alarm signal. This enables you to stop the pump and at the same time close a valve downstream of the pump to isolate the system and therefore prevent any possible contamination of your process.

These systems are available for electrical safe areas, for explosion proof zones.